No. We are NOT a van operation. We have state-of-the-art mobile dental technology that we physically transport into your home, office, or community, allowing our professionals to treat you or your loved ones in the comfort of your own environment.

With our state-of-the-art mobile dental units, we are able to provide almost any dental service/procedure that a traditional office can provide. This includes, but is not limited to, fillings, dentures, extractions, crowns and bridges, and teeth whitening. If patients require more comprehensive treatment or need ambulatory care they can be treated at the Neville Dental Care office in Holland, PA.

Yes. Our equipment provides the means necessary to treat patients who are bedridden. In fact, we have treated numerous patients in their own bed, when it’s been necessary.

Yes. We are comfortable with and able to meet the needs of a dementia client.

Yes. Our business initially started in response to a need that we saw in the older adult community. However, we also recognize that there is a more efficient way to provide dental care to people of all ages. We are available to partner with local businesses and corporations to provide dental care for their employees, eliminating the need for employees to take personal leave to seek dental care.

No. We will come to a community for one patient and have done so in the past. Generally, our patients are so impressed by our service that word spreads and we are able to schedule future visits on days when other residents are being seen as well.

The Traveling Dentists do not accept insurance at this time. However, we assist our clients in filing claims by providing them with ledgers (receipts) that indicate the services provided and allows them to submit claims on their own. Clients are then reimbursed directly by their insurance companies.

Once you make an initial inquiry to The Traveling Dentists, a link will be emailed to you with the necessary new patient registration forms. Payment information is part of the forms, and will be processed as procedures are completed. All procedures require prior authorization.

Section 1862(a)(12) of the Social Security Act provides a blanket exclusion for dental care coverage under Medicare. In other words, Medicare will not cover your fees associated with dental care.

Please call or complete our contact form to request an appointment. Forms will be sent to you, and upon completion, your visit will be scheduled. These comprehensive forms provide us with information about an individual’s health that is necessary to safely treat all patients in an effective manner.

Every patient is required to complete and submit our comprehensive forms in order to provide us with the information necessary (e.g. medical history) that will enable us to treat you or your loved one safely and effectively.

A first visit from The Traveling Dentists includes the following: A comprehensive examination with periodontal evaluation, head and neck examination, and oral cancer screening. This first visit typically spans about 60 minutes. Before the completion of your visit, our dentist will explain any existing conditions and recommend the best treatment plan options to restore your smile.

We will not perform any procedures without prior authorization from a responsible party. We place an emphasis on communication with responsible parties so that they understand, prior to treatment, all treatment options available for their loved ones, what those treatments entail, and the fees associated with each treatment option. If patients require more comprehensive treatment or need ambulatory care they can be treated at the Neville Dental Care office in Holland, PA.

We make every effort to treat the emergency at that visit with our primary focus being pain management. If patients require ambulatory care they can also be treated at the Neville Dental Care office in Holland, PA.

Infection control is extremely important to us and the service we provide is as safe as any traditional dental office. Whenever possible, we use disposable (one-time use) products in the treatment of our patients. All of our instruments are sterilized after every single use and we meet or exceed government standards with regard to safety, including the provision of safe water.

The Traveling Dentists take great care in protecting your personal health and financial information. Your data is always safe and secure with our HIPPA compliant software and secure hosting site.

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Geriatric House Call Dentistry is a national network of acclaimed dentists who offer premier dental care for homebound elderly patients. 

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